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Kelompok Produk F. Safety & Security Project Yg di Pakai Oleh PT. Laksanatama Tiara Fajarindo

SAFETY AND SECURITY PLAN PROJECT OF. ( Project name:………………………………………) CONTRACTOR : PT.LTF SAFETY & HEALTH OF WORK, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SECURITY. INDIVIDUAL. GENERAL 1. Prohibited to gamble in (Project Name:………………………………………..) 2. Prohibited to operate machine, facility or vehicle property of people / contractor. 3. Prohibited removing facility property of (Owner name:…….) without (owner name:……………….) permission. 4. Have to constantly within area work and do not be agreed other at one's post without clear target or assignation. 5. Contractor employees in concerned fight will be prohibited to work in(Owner name:…….) return. 6. Contractor employees have to obey limitation of speed run vehicle elapsing. 7. Prohibited to bring firearm or sharply able to endanger others except hoe, and hammer of blencong. SMOKE. 1. Smoke only enabled in smoking room 2. Contractor employees knew to smoke in area of prohibition smoking will be given maximal coherent dubious and do not be enabled to enter area project through contractor management. FORBIDDEN DRUG (ILLEGAL) Contractor will inform its employees and sub-cont employees, that: 1. Usage, ownership, sale, or purchasing of drugs / goods of illegal in (Owner name:…….) area is prohibited. Dubious to trespasser is do not be enabled to work again in area project. 2. Every employees which working and anticipated in a state of affecting forbidden drug do not be permitted to work and released from(Owner name:…….). ALCOHOL. 1. Every employees which is working and anticipated in a state of affecting grog do not be permitted to work and released from(Owner name:…….). 2. Prohibited to bring or drink grog in (Owner name:…….) area, including vehicle park place. APPLIANCE PROTECTOR APPLIANCE PROTECTOR AND TRAINING. 1. Every contractor holds responsible to provide appliance protector of self to its employees and needed to training run its work safely. Training has to include at least: a. Usage of extinguisher tube to employees which is its work have risk result burning, for example Welding b. Help procedure in emergency condition, for example to work in space confined need to be supervised c. Rule and regulation work in (Owner name:…….) area. d. Other training which needed. 2. Every contractor hold responsible to observe and control its employees and subcontractor in usage of equipments of protector of it self in guarantying accomplishment of rule work in (Owner name:…….) construction area. 3. Contractor will guarantee that safety helmet, safety goggle, ear protector, safety belt, shoe, shield of face, extinguisher tube, available and others to its employees. 4. Contractor will guarantee that every worker which risk to accident because falling or downfall of object use peacemaker, for example: a. Working in platform at height 4 meter above surface of floor without fence / safety handrail. b. Put hand to height 4 meter above surface of floor outside job platform. c. Compiling or unloading stager have height to 4 meter. d. Working in racking system at height of him to the 4 meter. HEAD PROTECTOR 1. Entire/All (Owner name:…….) employees, guest and contractor obliged to use hat of project if residing in location of project of construction. 2. Hat of project of in general do not be obliged to be wear by time reside in office, area outside project and in vehicle closed. PROTECTOR EYE 1. Eyeglasses / eye masker have to wear by when: a. Work to use dangerous chemicals, for example strong acid for cleaner. b. Work with high-pressured wind, appliance of grinding, appliance drill, and appliance of cutting. c. Work in very dusty location. d. Work in place which nearby equipments which have potency to generate sprinkling, small material which thrown and can hit eye. e. Work to handle battery acid. 2. Masker to wear on course work below/under which there is object danger fall to regarding face including eye. 3. Knowing place for washing eye in emergency condition. And asking to safety coordinator. PROTECTOR OF RESPIRATION. Certain activities need appliance protector of competent respiration. Entire/All contractor will provide required supplies and guarantee that its employees can do assigned work pursuant to medical inspection, experience, and training (precaution to use the apparatus). EAR PROTECTOR Certain areas need protector for against noises. If employees work in area with noise level above 85 dB during 8 continuous hour, obliged to impose cover ear cork and supply of this activity have to be provided by contractor. BARRIER OF CONSTRUCTION AREA. 1. Contractor will provide barrier fence in around under goods which its risk to fall, dig, or other condition which endanger. Supervisor, in location have to be informed that condition. 2. At night and outside office hours, contractor will place illuminator and Barrier in all open dig and hole. SECURITY. 1. Securities Guard of (Owner name:…….) will do record-keeping every contractor employees enter project area. 2. Officer of (Owner name:…….) security will ensure that every contractor employees accept the program before starting work in(Owner name:…….). 3. Contractor will not work outside 8:00 - 17:00 a clock, except getting permission of (Owner name:…….) coordinator. 4. Contractor employees directly hold responsible to equipments of property his own. ENVIRONMENT. INCIDENT / ACCIDENT. 1. Contractor has to know telephone number which must contact and emergency procedure apply by area or environment where location projects. 2. Entire/All accident, including its spilled of dangerous material and can be contamination environment have to immediately reported to site coordinator. WASTE / GARBAGE. 1. Contractor obliged to obey rule going into effect in (Owner name:…….) and regulation of government going into effect. 2. Contractor has to labor needed licensing and its copy passed to party the interested parties. 3. Entire dangerous material is not dangerous or debriss have to handle by paying attention environmental aspects. 4. If contractor activities yield dangerous material, hence contractor accountable for : a. Classifying garbage characteristic. b. Chose peaceful and appropriate tidiness. c. Keeping in a safe place. d. Giving label at tidiness. e. Removing, transporting and throwing away garbage, including drawing up needed document. 5. Dangerous garbage has to be locked out of by garbage, which is not dangerous to avoid wrongly of handling. 6. Contractor has to provide documentation informing that handling of conducted dangerous garbage expediently. 7. To be depository outside, garbage have to be placed at least 3 meter of building and its not contamination on the surface water. SPILLED 1. Spilled can be result damage of environment. Way of good depository can prevent the happening of danger. 2. Contractor and employees have to know the way of acting in the event of spilled for example happened leakage of facility. 3. Contractor also have to utilize / providing good relocation place and appliances for the sweeping of material which spilled. 4. In the event of happen of spilled, following is things which must be done: a. Contact Environment Officer or Coordinator (Owner name:…….) party. b. Utilizing appliance supply of adequate protector. c. Protect aqueduct, surface water, ground water of appropriate spilled in the way of for example making of dam whereas or closing of channel. d. Do sweeping as soon as. CHANNEL DISCARD. 1. Prohibited to do dismissal of wastewater nor solid waste at rain aqueduct. 2. Every extension to channel dismissal of Project property has to earn permission beforehand. EVACUATION OF EQUIPMENTS. 1. Contractor have to check all machine, structure, tank, pipe band, other material or garbage before evacuation or repair utilize to ensure that they’re no dangerous chemicals and earn environmental contamination. 2. When handling equipments of water of conditioner (AC), have to be strived other materials to or refrigerants able to destroy ozone coat do not escape out. WASH OF MACHINE. Machines property of contractor not be permitted to be cleaned by in (Owner name:…….) area except have got permission beforehand. COLLISION. Agreement contract with (Owner name:…….) include cover readiness to fulfill rules going into effect in area of including which contained above. Collision of rules of tolerance will not and will hit dubiously of discipliner. Whereas this matter will be applied in general to contractor employees, (Owner name:…….) will expect contractor to party side] management apply more coherent rule in of element work.

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